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View images taken at Pembroke College Cambridge

Find out images taken at Pembroke College Cambridge

Pembroke Library, Cambridge (@pembrokelibrarycambridge) Instagram Profile Photopembrokelibrarycambridge

Pembroke Library, Cambridge

Pembroke Library, Cambridge (@pembrokelibrarycambridge) Instagram Photo

Rare Book display to unlock some of Pembroke's treasures

Hephzibah (Hepsi) (@thecambridgebubble) Instagram Profile Photothecambridgebubble

Hephzibah (Hepsi)

Abigail Plet (@rouperoux) Instagram Profile Photorouperoux

Abigail Plet

Nicole (@tamerebel) Instagram Profile Phototamerebel


Nicole (@tamerebel) Instagram Photo

Cambridge has been very overwhelming lately, which is mainly my fault. Our master warned us to only take up max. 2 extracurriculars and I don't even know any more how many I'm doing. Nevertheless, I feel like I'm getting the hang of Cambridge, especially of its academic side because I finally found a research project I'm passionate about

ⓒ Tim Alex (@cam.bridge) Instagram Profile Photocam.bridge

ⓒ Tim Alex

ⓒ Tim Alex (@cam.bridge) Instagram Photo

Graduating Valencians (as Pembroke College students are called after the college's original name)

Emmeline (@emmelinedownie) Instagram Photo

A night out seemed a bit surplus to requirements, to be fair.PC: @comriesfxx

Erik De Lorenzi (@edelorenzi1) Instagram Profile Photoedelorenzi1

Erik De Lorenzi

Erik De Lorenzi (@edelorenzi1) Instagram Photo

There was a solid 5 minute stretch where politics wasn't discussed

Vilius Bartninkas (@vilius_bart) Instagram Profile Photovilius_bart

Vilius Bartninkas

Vilius Bartninkas (@vilius_bart) Instagram Photo

Being a tourist in my own college

Emily Burr (@burremily) Instagram Profile Photoburremily

Emily Burr

Emily Burr (@burremily) Instagram Photo


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