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Bio 18//Amateur Writer// Sila Sahin & Adelaide Kane are my Role Models 👸👑🏰👧🌵🐴// Great Fan of Ann Pirvu🌹❤ ❤👑 Nicole Mieth👧❤

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Ithis Edits of @adelaidekane& @meg_followsso much

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I@onceabcofficialit's my favorite TV Show and my Favorites are @jenmorrisonlive@adelaidekane@daniajramirez@roseareyn& @tvalisononsetbut it's would be great to see @jofroggattmaybe as best friend of Victoria Belfrey and @thepaulbutcheras Boyfriend of Drizella

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Happy belated Birthday from Germany dear @daniajramirezI hope you had a great day and i can't wait to see you and @adelaidekanein the german @onceabcofficial

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Can't wait to see my personally Power Ranger @adelaidekanemy Queen @lparrillaand the little @tvalisononsetin the next Episode of @onceabcofficialand i'm so exited to see the new 7th Season in Germany. I hope Addy get the same german voice actress which she had in Reign because she was the best to present herPS: If you click on the "Segeberger Kalkberg", you can my german Hometown Bad Segeberg (which doesn't mean "bad" but many german Citys have a "Bad" in the Name)see our beautyful Open Air Theatre where we have every Year the Karl May Festival

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Happy Sunday from Germany @adelaidekane& @andrewjwest.I made this Video for you because i ship Drizella and Henry in @onceabcofficial

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It's my biggest Wish to see my Role Model and personally Power Ranger @adelaidekanein Season 2018 or 2019 at the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg in Germany as Guest Star together with @thepaulbutcher. It's a great Open Air Theatre where many Thousand Visitors coming every Year to see the Adventures of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.Many Celebrities want to be a part of this Festival and this two would be perfect for our Generation. You can see a Video of the Karl May Festival and a Video of the Reaction of the Visitors at the Karl May Festival and i hope you like it @adelaidekane& @thepaulbutcher

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Wenn die beste Freundin eine schöne Collage von @adelaidekanefür dich gebastelt hat Danke @jule.annika

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