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Saahir Bhimani (@bsaahir) Instagram Profile Photo bsaahir

Saahir Bhimani

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Beef sliders and the famous lotus icecream at

最後の神 Dave Angelo (@koreanonghilaaw) Instagram Profile Photo koreanonghilaaw

最後の神 Dave Angelo

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The plan was to try this carbonara flavor but yeah, impulse buying activated once again. It's too hard for me to resist specially me being the spicy food lover. 😂 #spicy

I give you... butternut dahl! Well actually, i give myself butternut dahl 😈 My own spin, not bad for a 1st attempt. How 'bow leftovers tomorrow, @bbyalst1960 ? 😉 🌶 #spicy

ᖘŹ.м 🇹🇼*🇩🇪 (@pepe.has.dream) Instagram Profile Photo pepe.has.dream

ᖘŹ.м 🇹🇼*🇩🇪

Instagram Image by ᖘŹ.м 🇹🇼*🇩🇪 (@pepe.has.dream) with caption : "{#小吃} 😋 2018.1.22
#食記 ⓣⓦ
今晚 忍住不吃脆脆油炸物之臭豆腐
改吃它的同鄉-#清蒸臭豆腐 哈哈!

其實這家" at 臭媽媽蛋捲臭豆腐&麻辣鴨血 - 1697850064451485132
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{} 😋 2018.1.22 ⓣⓦ 診療復健後的吃吃⋯吃小吃 整個是⋯罪惡食物 只能說⋯貪嘴姐抵擋不住香味搶攻嗅覺之大作戰 今晚 忍住不吃脆脆油炸物之臭豆腐 改吃它的同鄉- 哈哈! 其實這家也是經過很多次但一次都沒嚐過的店⋯ 之前跟J爺也是因為復健的關係 都會散步來石牌覓食 今晚自個兒來 換吃這一鍋 有臭豆腐還有QQ麵 $100/鍋 這兒雖是家臭豆腐店, 但店內裝潢及擺飾倒是復古的可以~ 店裡都是一些古早味的玩具、零食⋯連背景音樂都懷舊到一個不行~總之~如果你想回憶小時候(比我年輕太多的可能沒感受)又剛好來附近晃的話⋯可以來這瞧瞧~ #Spicy Mini with n' 📍[臭媽媽臭豆腐] - 石牌站Exit 2 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

The Daniel's Grill (@thedanielsgrill) Instagram Profile Photo thedanielsgrill

The Daniel's Grill

image by The Daniel's Grill (@thedanielsgrill) with caption : "Sometimes when you feel like giving up and want to close shop people like @langilang are there to cheer on. Thanks so mu" - 1697869059523313955
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Sometimes when you feel like giving up and want to close shop people like @langilang are there to cheer on. Thanks so much for your support. Available to order: Spare ribs on its own -1800 Pork /beef suya on its-1000 Spare ribs with chips (fried yam) and coleslaw-2k Pork/beef suya with chips (fried yam) and coleslaw-1500 Catfish pepper soup (a whole catfish)with fried yam and pepper sauce-1500 Mixed meat platter (BBQ chicken, spare ribs, pork (beef) suya) -7600 spare ribs platter for 7200 ( which feeds 4) #spicy