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Cyrus Temple (@cyrustemple8) Instagram Profile Photo cyrustemple8

Cyrus Temple

Instagram Image by Cyrus Temple (@cyrustemple8) with caption : "β€œIf you come across a Tr8ll, got to toss him a dime.” My new song β€œTr8ll” (\ ˈtrōl \) is now available.  Check it out, a" at Los Angeles, Venice Beach - 1699064867221030296

β€œIf you come across a Tr8ll, got to toss him a dime.” My new song β€œTr8ll” (\ ˈtrōl \) is now available. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Link in bio. @cyrustemple8 @moldyrecords . . . . . #rockmusic

MusiciansRockNetwork (@tmrnworld) Instagram Profile Photo tmrnworld


RIVERSIDE ODDS performed McStews Irish Sports Pub Levittown PA Saturday January 6th 2018 \🎡/ RIVERSIDE ODDS are: RW Hellborn (lead vocals), Matty Cobra (guitars & back vocals), Skinny Timo (bass guitar & backing vocals), Darren "D-Bag" Walbridge (drums), and Dan "Bezzi" Beswick (lead guitar). β€’ ➑️ ➑️> Digital Album: Let The Mayhem Begin [Explicit] ➑️ ➑️ IG @riversideodds @rwhellborn669 @muskratjenkins @skinnytimo ➑️ ➑️> Artists-> Riverside Odds ➑️ ➑️> Riverside Odds ➑️ IG @mcstewsirishsportspub ➑️ ➑️ show: @notarealpromoterproductions @derekthe616guy ➑️ pic: β€’ music

Adventure seeker (@freddies_sweet_lady) Instagram Profile Photo freddies_sweet_lady

Adventure seeker

Queen in Germany. January 24, 1979. . So much information about this great concert πŸ‘ it’s like you can imagine being there. . Brian, before Somebody To Love: "Good evening, good folks of Berlin. Welcome to a night of Queen music. We hope you enjoy it." . Freddie, before the medley: "We have a lot of music for you tonight from all our various albums, and the next song comes from an album called A Night At The Opera. The song in question is dedicated to one of our managers. He was a real motherfucker. Do you know what that means?" Quite a few audience members indicate that they do. "Alright! You can call him anything you want. We call him Death On Two Legs." . An interesting version of β€œNow I'm Here” is played tonight, as they go into the jam twice. The first brief jam is a result of Roger prematurely leading the band into it, and the second jam is different from any other version as the band are forced to create something different from the first one. . After Freddie does a few nice vocal adlibs in the intro to Dreamers Ball (which Brian calls "self-amusement"), Roger does one an octave above his. Freddie jokingly calls him a "show off!" . Freddie's voice cracks at the end of the middle section of '39, revealing that they are using a harmonizer for the upper octave in those last two bars, rather than the voice of Roger Taylor. . Freddie, before Fat Bottomed Girls: "This is from an album, Jazz." Someone in the audience shouts for Mustapha, and Freddie responds, "No, it's not Mustapha. We'd like to do that one of these days. Hey, maybe next time!" And they would. .