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image by Yukino (@yukino_oda) with caption : "#chanel
#loveit" - 1694785541323955294
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Izzy Losi & The Auracles (@izzylosimusic) Instagram Profile Photo izzylosimusic

Izzy Losi & The Auracles

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The world is still screwed up since this came out in 1994 but hey, let's look on the positive side of life. From the first time I heard this tune I was in love. It's a pity musicians are not always remembered or mentioned by the media much, have to wait until they die. Always wondered why the arts aren't part of the news like sports are... I've proudly been playing this tune for years, think it's time to go back on the set list for the next few shows. RIP Dolores.... long live strong women in music 💜💜

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Sin duda alguna el que revoluciono el genero quieran darme o no los creditos ..antes y después .....colaboraciones .remix. De las canciones viejas y unión. En el genero urbano dominicano #rip misión cumplida .agradecido de Dios 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @alofokemusicnet @blazemusicnet @sosobritamusicradio @mundordtv @rompiendorecordsmusic @musicabarrial @somostopopointrd

Sirichai moomkar (@sirichai_2015) Instagram Profile Photo sirichai_2015

Sirichai moomkar

image by Sirichai moomkar (@sirichai_2015) with caption : "ไปสู่ภพภูมิที่ดีนะครับ 
#RIP" - 1694785162259002863
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ไปสู่ภพภูมิที่ดีนะครับ #RIP

President D (@pickd4prez) Instagram Profile Photo pickd4prez

President D

image by President D (@pickd4prez) with caption : "Doing #BIG #BIGthings here in #MKE 
#ThisYear I plan on getting #On #Stage more and releasing #alot of #GoodMusic - that" - 1694784790064348609
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Doing here in I plan on getting more and releasing of - that's for all of your I for y'all to this and see the and of course #RIP Smalls.

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The guitar is so beautiful and I want to learn to play it but me being the lazy fuck that plays xbox all day can only dream😂//follow @chaoscanine #rip