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Aaron Jon Lindvall (@aaronlindvallxx) Instagram Profile Photo aaronlindvallxx

Aaron Jon Lindvall

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Marcy Richardson (@operagaga) Instagram Profile Photo operagaga

Marcy Richardson

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Why I’m banned from doing any more opera auditions at NOLA🤣 Happening now in XIVariété! #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit

Luis Felipe Salgado, MA.ED (@lfsalgado) Instagram Profile Photo lfsalgado

Luis Felipe Salgado, MA.ED

image by Luis Felipe Salgado, MA.ED (@lfsalgado) with caption : "Last 5 before the big one. #TwoMoreDays #PasadenaHalfMarathon #Hermes #PutThatInYourPipeAndSmokeIt #Run" - 1696135041481221368
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Last 5 before the big one. #PutThatInYourPipeAndSmokeIt

Mistress Sabine (@mistresssabine) Instagram Profile Photo mistresssabine

Mistress Sabine

image by Mistress Sabine (@mistresssabine) with caption : "Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.
#putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit #" - 1695951876039956957
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Super spooky scary skull pipe 💀☠️💀 Recreation of an old stone pipe from Mexico #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit

Chez D Yeates B (@yeatescherri) Instagram Profile Photo yeatescherri

Chez D Yeates B

image by Chez D Yeates B (@yeatescherri) with caption : "Learn the difference #rumors #liars #dontknowshit #youdontknowme 👌🏻 #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit #iknowmyfamily #shameon" - 1695822762697275827
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Learn the difference 👌🏻 #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit

judeandu (@judeandu) Instagram Profile Photo judeandu


image by judeandu (@judeandu) with caption : "#putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit #ahimsa #trythis #birththeme #love #namaste" - 1695723863365102640
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Noah Washabau (@waschenbachwerks) Instagram Profile Photo waschenbachwerks

Noah Washabau

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Super spooky scary skull pipe! Commission for a friend, based on an old stone pipe. Making more now, soon available on 💀 DM if interested #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit

Dutch Xtrax (@dutchxtrax) Instagram Profile Photo dutchxtrax

Dutch Xtrax

image by Dutch Xtrax (@dutchxtrax) with caption : "Looking the buds coming in everyone's fav "Bay 1" some have nicked named "Green Room"  if we get 50 likes I'll post a pa" - 1695104672374980558
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Looking the buds coming in everyone's fav "Bay 1" some have nicked named "Green Room" if we get 50 likes I'll post a panoramic pic of bay 1 #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit

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This is the dry ice hash, and I’ve been making gummies, @excelsiorextracts has been pressing rosin, and we have been absolutely lit!!! This stuff is fantastic, and tasty. I was worried, but it has retained a very nice flavor profile. #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit

Abdelkouddouss Morched (@habit701) Instagram Profile Photo habit701

Abdelkouddouss Morched

I’ve been on a graphic design bender for the past few days. Pretending I’m locked in a room and can’t talk to anyone or leave until I’ve produced this idea I’ve had in less than a week. So here’s a small sample of something simple I’m working on. I can’t tell you what it is because nothing like it really exists. This is it, this is All me. Now that I’ve shown a small piece I have to work faster. Peace ✌🏽 “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” . . #putthatinyourpipeandsmokeit