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Yay for standings day gecko eggs!!!!! First in awhile for these guys so I’m really excited to see how these turn out. One of my favorite of the Phelsuma species. #phelsuma


image by Audra (@audrasaurous) with caption : "Wild peacock day gecko, Phelsuma quadriocellata. Ranomafana, Madagascar." - 1699138885370269715
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Wild peacock day gecko, Phelsuma quadriocellata. Ranomafana, Madagascar.


image by Janty (@janty_photo) with caption : "Konečne se jí tam líbí 😊 #reptile #phelsuma #lizard #terrarium #green" - 1698892984005976272
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Konečne se jí tam líbí 😊 #phelsuma

Lonnie Cornell (@dakineexotics) Instagram Profile Photo dakineexotics

Lonnie Cornell

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Phelsuma borbonica mater have some varation. This year another Phelsuma breeder and myself are gonna try to prove this trait out consistently. Fingers crossed. #phelsuma

Patrick_de_Ronde (@patrick19670930) Instagram Profile Photo patrick19670930


image by Patrick_de_Ronde (@patrick19670930) with caption : "#cage#enclosure#phelsuma" - 1698006593101471950
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Matan hakim reptile israel (@102matan) Instagram Profile Photo 102matan

Matan hakim reptile israel