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Lizard Lovers (@lizard_lovers.hq) Instagram Profile Photo lizard_lovers.hq

Lizard Lovers


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"@distillary's mr. epic tongue Via @weratelizards Follow Me @lizard_lovers.hq If you like 👕Click to 🛒 my shop and get now!!!


Lizard Cut3 (@lizard_cut3) Instagram Profile Photo lizard_cut3

Lizard Cut3

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"People thought this was me abusing my lizard y’all wild he’s a lizard taking a bath and I’m trying to get him out he’s not like a dog or cat he’s pissed 24/7 I didn’t do anything to make him aggressive that’s just how male iguanas are Via @dragon.paws Follow Me @lizard_cut3 Don't forget to check out 👕on my profile with best 💲price, best quality

Leanne Fisher (@badwolf1166611) Instagram Profile Photo badwolf1166611

Leanne Fisher

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Its with a very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to our sweet Pooh girl. After months of swinging in the dark trying to figure out why she was in decline it turned out to be a silent mass in her intestine. Most likely a form of lymphoma. She displayed symptoms of septicemia, fungal and bacterial infections, mbd, finally mass amounts of blood in her stool. In the end all we could do was try to comfort her and let her pass. She was the sweetest girl with the most amazing quirks. She's leaving a big hole in our family in our house we will miss her always. ofinstagram