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Cottage cheese and garlic salt! I love cottage cheese. And i love that in a 1/2 cup, there is 14g of protein! . . . . . . . #garlicsalt

Cindy Rodriguez Leyendecker (@cindyrodriguezleyendecker) Instagram Profile Photo cindyrodriguezleyendecker

Cindy Rodriguez Leyendecker

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Robert Floyd

Just cooked the best steaks I’ve ever cooked. Mom said it was the best she ever had. 16oz bone in ribeye. salt

image by Jennie (@jenniejennie17) with caption : "Another cooking experiment gone well 😋 Was trying to use up some freezer foods & threw a bunch of stuff together & it wo" - 1698237714108205733
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Another cooking experiment gone well 😋 Was trying to use up some freezer foods & threw a bunch of stuff together & it worked! Needed more salt, but it’s pretty tasty. The yellow stuff is @woodstockfoods firm organic tofu. I chunked it up & mixed it with a little bit of the canned black bean water, some @365bywholefoods tomato paste, & a fair amount of turmeric; fried up in a bit of @redstoneoliveoil . I was going for a scrambled egg look with some sort of flavor (vs bland). 🙂 In another pan, I cooked the Woodstock Foods asparagus with Green Giant riced cauliflower. I sprinkled a bit of @bloomindesertherbfarm Garden Season All over the cauliflower. In the 3rd pan, I cooked the generic Wal-mart hashbrowns with organic black beans, & sprinkled with @redmondfarms garlic salt. Along with @naturalgrocers dried chives & dried cilantro, more turmeric, dried parsley, & a titch of dried oregano. All 3 pans got combined together to cook together for a few minutes. Then I scooped out this concoction into 4 containers for later, & this white bowl for tonight. 🙂 #GarlicSalt

Crimson & Clove (@crimsonxclove) Instagram Profile Photo crimsonxclove

Crimson & Clove

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5 & Dime Bagel, Melbourne Bagels are so strongly underrated which i never understood. You try & find yourself a decent bagel around here & it's like trying to find a unicorn. Actually, that's not right is it since everyones a fucking unicorn these days, genderless of course. Perhaps saying finding a good bagel is more like trying to find your dignity after claiming to be a genderless unicorn would be more appropriate. Cause it's impossible to find. Your dignity. Doesn't exist. Ya feel me? We were blessed enough to have a bagel cafe, YES A BAGEL CAFE, right near our hotel. Between that & the Japanese next door i just felt like i could have died happy in that dear Melbourne street. We dropped by for breakfast & i chose the garlic salted bagel with egg, cheese, what im guessing was tomato relish & added bacon. I swear, im done. No bagel will ever again top that. None, ever, the games over. It was wonderful. I can't boast enough about how great my breakfast was. We also tried the cinnamon donut bagel thing which im not sure if it was a donut or a bagel or both but that was just bomb too. The coffee did look appealing at one point- i spooned it before i got the photo. It was nice but not hot enough as usual. It seems Melbourne has the same problem as we do- they wouldn't know a hot coffee if they fell over it, letalone an extra hot one. Doomed forever i spose 🤷 Other than that it was dirt cheap, great service & take me back please 👋 9.5/10 #garlicsalt

Top ribs seasoned with @meatchurch AP bottom with @grillingods sweet backyard bbq. Been holding a good temp for about the 3 hours. Had to make snack but not just your average grilled chi. Seasoned butter sides with garlic salt and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Filled with ‘merica cheese a mozzarella. . . ° #garlicsalt