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Spiritual Chords Cords are invisible and are made of astral and etheric energy connecting humans between bodies. It is when we develop an emotional connection and ties, does this string like umbilical cord (physical) transfer emotional energy and connects between two people. Ever feel someone's energy, or their thoughts from miles away?? Ever had being on the same page synchronicity's with friends and loved ones? These cords reach as far apart as the furthest oceans, and never stop connecting until we cut them loose. Attachment makes this highly difficult. Let's look at babies and their worried tired mothers. After cutting the umbilical cord, (something we should not do until the baby absorbs all it needs from the placenta) their lies an astral cord connection or multiple from the mother to her baby. This is why so much of the energy and attention is activated in the mother making her baby her number one priority. Younger siblings tend to take notice of this and get jealous, but this is necessarily needed for the newborn to mature and feel properly nurtured. I guess that's why we call our lovers "baby",...we want to develop deep astral cord connections that will last. This will eventually lead to an astral baby. Choose your connection and words for the right person. The world makes the mistake of developing to many chord connections (through relationships) with no courage to open them up or cut them out. These entanglements seriously lead to issues and problems that will have past feelings resurface in unnecessary situations when they should have been buried a long time ago. This is why we have problems like trust issues, inability to understand our emotional self or others, and unnecessary or unreasonable conflicts due to not being able to control or diagnose if what your feeling is rational or simply subjective to your world of illusory. Sex is the how you form and create an astral child together. That's another post for another day. Sex also amplifies the strength of the cord tremendously. The health of your cord is described by the health of your relationship. Is it toxic? It is beneficial? Is there nurturing? Is there balance? ⤵️

Will Ville (@willville101) Instagram Profile Photo willville101

Will Ville

image by Will Ville (@willville101) with caption : "How the day is supposed to begin and end.
Welcome to Will Ville 
The North Side Lyrical King 👑
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#willville10" - 1694092428184394209
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How the day is supposed to begin and end. Welcome to Will Ville The North Side Lyrical King 👑 Link in bio #earth

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Brandon Dueñas

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Terra Fei (Earth Fairy): Said to be the soldiers and warriors of the King and Queen Fei themselves. By calling to the powers of nature they can control right about any element. The rings they carry work as levitation. They are the only Fei the King and Queen can trust because of their undoubted loyalty and honesty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #earth