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Ethos ® (@ethos_co) Instagram Profile Photo ethos_co

Ethos ®

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Shorts, sweats, hoodies & new tanks all in the works for you guys as part of our expanding men’s collection 😍 . @makemoveswithjonas rocking our All Day Tank Top in Dusty Sand here 👆🏼

Mike GAINZZZZ (@mikepena38) Instagram Profile Photo mikepena38


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1/16 play so usually not the biggest fans of 1rpm but I was feeling real good today and had to try it🤷‍♂️. 415 deadlift😤. Also plz don't regard how red my face was almost like a tomato 😁🍅🍅 and the form also wasent the best either I know my bed rounded but it's all good. All around I've been feeling really good In the gym getting stronger all the time 🤘🤘. #deadlift

Kyle Alexander (@mr_squat_a_pony) Instagram Profile Photo mr_squat_a_pony

Kyle Alexander

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After pulling 696 for 7 total reps I pulled on 721 for a grindy single. Got out of positioning at the bottom making my lockout move like a snail. I really had to be patient with it so I didn't do my weird shake thing. Always room for improvement but I'm still happy with how yesterday went ! Use my code mrsquatapony for discounts on @feedmefightme @chaosandpain

Max Lepage (@maxxlepage) Instagram Profile Photo maxxlepage

Max Lepage

I'm making sure I'm comfortable with this bench because we're about to become best buds for a few weeks while I'm limited to rehab stuff for my lower body. I'm thinking I'll probably increase my bench frequency to 3× per week starting post-op until I feel I can confidently program back in my squat and deadlift. Might as well use the extra "recovery units" I'll have lying around to handle some more bench volume. • That's one concept that becomes particularly relevant during times of injury, that is, the idea that you have a certain quantity of "recovery units" and you can spend them how you wish (kind of like money). Each recovery unit can br used to purchase a unit of volume from a lift. You have a weekly allowance of recoverability you get to spend however you want, on whatever lifts you want. In the case of my injury, I'm not allowed to spend my recovery units on squats and deads right now, so I can take some of my surplus recovery and spend more on my bench and hope that that gives me a bigger return. • #deadlift

Timothy Ambat (@timisalifter) Instagram Profile Photo timisalifter

Timothy Ambat

AUDIO ON FOR THE 4th VIDEO. Bench 140x4x6 Medium grip bench 155x3x5 @ 7 Squat 285x5x5 Deadlift 325x4x5 Bench is feeling good. The last rep of medium grip looked like a grinder because I messed up the set before by putting 165 instead of 155 which gassed me. Squats are looking and feeling as if they were 135. Now my deadlift looks ugly but that’s because I’m still working through some things with it. Thanks to the guidance of @soyaphysicaltherapy aka coach gainz aka father, my setup is a lot stronger. I know I know, my back looks like poop but I’m taking it session by session tweaking things as I move along. At least they are moving nicely, strong, and with my coach’s/father’s approval. @adelantebarbellclub @nicoflores74kg for the hype and those comments lol. #deadlift

BeeEaton (@brands90) Instagram Profile Photo brands90


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9 years ago I was hit by a drunk driver on the interstate. He was going about 100 when he rear ended me and shot my car Into the opposite ditch. It damaged my L4 and L5. I can count on one hand the number of days I have gone without pain or stiffness since that night. I’ve been to the ER a few times for pain shots and always have muscle relaxers on hand Incase there is a nasty flair up. ... 9 years ago a man in his mid 30s decided to get in his car after a few too many. Because of his idiotic decision, I will spend the rest of my life dealing with the consequences which will eventually be surgery.... years from hopefully. ... But for now I will be thankful it wasn’t more serious. I will be thankful I have a body that can still lift weights and be active. I will keep working on strengthening my back in hopes I can put off surgery as long as possible. I will keep proving to myself my body is worth the struggle just like these pictures. Until my body says no more I will keep pushing ... #deadlift

image by Be Beast (@bebeast_fitness) with caption : "Fear None. #BeBeast" - 1693978496241403501
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Fear None.

Jaideep Doyla (@jd_doyla01) Instagram Profile Photo jd_doyla01

Jaideep Doyla

Nothing ie deeper than love. Except my squat. My squat is deeper than any human emotion. Squat goals😊😊#deadlift