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2018 Slots Are Open (@djf_health_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo djf_health_fitness

2018 Slots Are Open


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Cold water therapy is back and being spoken about a lot which is good and isn’t fake that’s for sure (plenty of research behind it) 🙏 • ice baths / cold water beach walking / showers - cold showers each morning (30s onwards) and ice bath once a week why ? > the norepinephrine released from cold exposure has been shown to reduce inflammatory cytokines, namely TNF-a (exactly how infliximab and adalimumab work) - it’s also got plenty of other things like improving daily energy / heart function / breathing / anxiety plus more. Build your cold water adaptation up through water temp and time spent in the water. I’m feeling amazing. Try add it in for the next 30 days each day. #crunchfitness


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One day of food that I will eat each and every day this week. Goal is October ifbb bodybuilding. Been 20 years in the thinking and wanting, finally I will do it. Going to try document it all the way. Thanks already for all the positive support I've already received. This it it, one and done. Father bod coming next year, well my version, 💪😂😂 - - - #crunchfitness

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Instagram Image by CRUNCH FITNESS (@crunchsunnyvale) with caption : "Yasss! @brookules “belt less & pause” ROCKS a PR of 365 lbs @crunchsunnyvale #letsgetcrunchy #crunchfitness #applestenbl" at CRUNCH - 1697096548352879254
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Yasss! @brookules “belt less & pause” ROCKS a PR of 365 lbs @crunchsunnyvale #crunchfitness

image by with caption : "You are my everything❤️ @havocdahulk"- 1697044908466878429
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You are my everything❤️ @havocdahulk

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😎 💪 👽 😈 ↪️ 🔛 #crunchfitness ⬆️⬆️ ]> Even though its my harder times i should prove myself by making me>> 🔜🔜 -,vibes:::"'' & I will remember who i am i•`~`~` 🔛🔛 i dont want to prove To everyone↘️↘️

Gisel 🇩🇴🇵🇪 (@9igi) Instagram Profile Photo 9igi

Gisel 🇩🇴🇵🇪

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Spring 2017.., I need to get it together 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol #crunchfitness

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Jay Reyes

The pump you get from doing a drop set is amazing first exercise is a double dumbbell row 5x6 Second is a reverse dumbbell fly 5x8 the reason I do this is to fill that back up with blood and target the lats then right after get those traps rear delts and some Terrace major and scapula action !! #crunchfitness