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Instagram Image by Manuel Patricio (@the_goalkeeper_coach) with caption : "The Goalkeeper Coach ⚽" at Terrassa - 1699183564691366067
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The Goalkeeper Coach ⚽

Aimee louise Barber (@aimeeloubarbs) Instagram Profile Photo aimeeloubarbs

Aimee louise Barber

💁🏼‍♀️Happy Hump Day 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’ve had my 20+ years experience of being on a stage, danced in the west end, cruise ships and performed at some pretty major events. Not for getting placing in two beauty pageants .... and the one piece of advice I can give to any competitor,Male or Female... is .... Eye contact 👀 if you are stood on a stage in a group of people and a judge looks in your direction they will more than likely scan past you, but make eye contact with them, smile and be confident it will be hard for them to just scan past you. Simple example... if you walk past someone out and about and someone gives you eye contact and smiles ... what are you more than likely going to do?? Smile back?! It’s basic !! To set your self apart from the rest of the stage you want those judges to be focusing on you... be memorable! Oh and don’t forget to hold that pose for the camera 💅🏼 #coach @ukultimatephysiques @lizbamforthpt @s20physique @sv_bikini

【DoubleC】 (@seek1115) Instagram Profile Photo seek1115


image by 【DoubleC】 (@seek1115) with caption : "Coach皮革零錢包✨
F63975 IMAA8

#coach代購 #coach #精品代購 #coach" - 1699185651633897748
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Coach皮革零錢包✨ F63975 IMAA8 巧克力色系💗💗 質感皮革👍🏻 雙拉鍊設計👍🏻 ▫️size:約長11.5cm/寬3cm/高6.5cm ▫️現貨→私訊小盒子報價下單 #coach

Ohana Warrior MMA (@ohanawarriormma) Instagram Profile Photo ohanawarriormma

Ohana Warrior MMA

Awesome performance by these two at the AGF- American Grappling Federation. Over the weekend, Liam and Guillermo have put their skills to the test in one of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament. They both fought hard and Guillermo was able to take home a Bronze medal on Gii and a Gold medal on No-Gii. Liam was able to gain more experience and have learned a lot more of what needs to be improved. After all, the beauty of Jiu Jitsu and any Martial Arts is that there are no wins or loss but a chance to become better everyday. We are proud of their hard work and dedication and we would like to thank Coach Tye Davis and the Cobra Team including Coach Eddie Ricardo and Dylan for their guidance and support. Thank you AGF presidents and staff and to all the contestants that competed that day. We look forward to your next event!! #coach

2ndhand.2you (@2ndhand.2you) Instagram Profile Photo 2ndhand.2you


tom mc ifle best video (@tommcifle_bestvideo) Instagram Profile Photo tommcifle_bestvideo

tom mc ifle best video

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Selamat sore, Pada video berikut ini Saya akan menjelaskan tentang "Planning" Planning itu penting dalam menjalankan bisnis..Mau tahu kelanjutannya ? Silahkan simak video berikut.. . . . . . . #coach -

Phenom Coaching (@phenomcoaching) Instagram Profile Photo phenomcoaching

Phenom Coaching

image by Phenom Coaching (@phenomcoaching) with caption : "The power of imagination makes us infinite.

#BusinessCoaching #Coaching #BusinessCoach #Coach #Powerofimagination #Imag" - 1699185252881119381
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