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lamin kanto (@kantolamin) Instagram Profile Photo kantolamin

lamin kanto

Instagram Image by lamin kanto (@kantolamin) with caption : "#bobdylan 😓. His #songs #because #anthems for #Americans who were #protesting #against the #vietnam war. "all the money " at Baden-Württemberg, Germany - 1697968542979537584

😓. His for who were #against the war. "all the money you make will never buy back your soul " Wow 😓🙄

captno | ArtAgainstAnxiety 抗焦慮 (@captno.jh) Instagram Profile Photo captno.jh

captno | ArtAgainstAnxiety 抗焦慮

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♥️ R O S É @blackpinkofficial This is for Me, BLACKPINK and BLINKS Follow me and be sure always like my latest post to win a portrait art of you. Share if you like it 每日點讚贏抽畫,付費者優先。 - - - #against

image by Nelida (@nelidamontilva) with caption : "Llegó la dueña de sus corazones😂💋 #mondays #me #day #somethingboudoir #against #sum" - 1697948396261543565
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Llegó la dueña de sus corazones😂💋 #against

Devotion to Our Mighty God (@7min_devotional) Instagram Profile Photo 7min_devotional

Devotion to Our Mighty God

image by Devotion to Our Mighty God (@7min_devotional) with caption : "Are you aware there are spiritual forces that are in this world?  You know Jesus talked a lot about Satan and demons so " - 1697945375624067114
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Are you aware there are spiritual forces that are in this world? You know Jesus talked a lot about Satan and demons so it’s biblical. We can not defeat the enemies plans until we realize there are forces trying to oppose the work of God. The greatest trick of the enemy is to make people think he does not exist. Friends satan and demons is not a popular topic and many churches don’t speak about such things because they tend to teach on prosperity and heaven only but I’ve been blessed with a great church that discusses the Bible in its entirety so I just share what I know regarding the subject. So what can we do to defeat the enemy in this battle? 1. Recognize that Satan and demons are real and that there is a spiritual battle going on to defeat us as we try to do the work and things of Our God. This is a critical step as we can not defeat something we think does not exist. So do a study in the Bible and read the instances where Jesus talked about the enemy. 2. Use God’s word to win the battles. Recognize we are not strong enough to defeat the enemy on our own. We are entirely dependent on God and His spirit within us to win this battle. The enemy will come with his tricks. He knows where we are weakest. We can learn a lot from when Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan (Matthew 4:1-11) . As you read those verses you will note that Jesus responded with God’s word, “it is written”. He used the word to defeat the can we!! 3. Pray!! the enemy will oppose you as you try to do the things of God. Be in Gods word and His presence. Build on an intimate relationship with God and you will have the wisdom of Gods word to be victorious. Prayer: Father we pray for wisdom and strength through your spirit to win the battles presented to us in this world. We Know our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces opposing your will for us in our lives. We pray to you for protection and from deliverance from the evil one! It is you we seek to serve and honor now and forever! Amen... #against

Lisa Askew-Kilpatrick (@lisa_askew_kilpatrick) Instagram Profile Photo lisa_askew_kilpatrick

Lisa Askew-Kilpatrick

image by Lisa Askew-Kilpatrick (@lisa_askew_kilpatrick) with caption : "#YES #YOU #DO #AND ##U ARE #PAGAN 
#READ #YOUR #BIBLE" - 1697944617981737635
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