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Nadine Heinrich (@letsbefitnchic) Instagram Profile Photoletsbefitnchic

Nadine Heinrich

Been busy studyingmy online course while eating my darkWhen someone is trying to look pitiful so, he can have some chocolatethen he realized it wasn’t working lolso, he turned his head insteadafter i told him he can’t eat it because it makes him sick 🤢—I tried once and he puke 🤢 after. And he knows the rules that he shouldn’t stares on us while we’re eatingWell, my babyknows it all, he’s just trying to get me by his charm ️ ...........SWIPE ⬅️️️️️️️#studyafterwork#onlinecourse#frenchlanguage#mykindofnight#workhardplayhard#motivation#puppylife#momo#momandpup#jackrussell#usinghischarm#houserules#tryinghisbest

Jen Pickern (@jpickrealtor) Instagram Profile Photojpickrealtor

Jen Pickern

Jen Pickern (@jpickrealtor) Instagram Photo

Am I drinking it or gifting it? #realtorlife#preturkeydayhustle#closingday

🦋 ( Instagram Photo
Vicki McArdle (@vmcardle) Instagram Profile Photovmcardle

Vicki McArdle

Vicki McArdle (@vmcardle) Instagram Photo

Not much of a selfie girl, but these me like, heyyyyyy

Kait (@kaitness) Instagram Photo

Are you constantly experiencing fatigue? Do you easily forget things and don’t know why? Are you experiencing strange weight gain? Do you constantly get sick without fail because of a weakened immune system? Are you more easily agitated? Does getting out of bed in the morning feel like the hardest task of LIFE?•If you answered YES to any one of these, I SO GET YOU! Earlier this year I shared my health journey with you as I struggled being a #girlbosson the outside, living up to the cultural standards of #workhardplayhard , and rising to the top whilst doing it all. ‍️ SINCE THOSE DAYS.... I have had to make the conscious decision to take back BALANCE in my life.•With tomorrow being a beautiful Holiday I want to encourage you all to PUT down your phones and be present with the ones you love. ‍️YOU are precious and your body is deserving of rest and rejuvenation. Take a day to unplug. YOU deserve it, and your body will thank you.•Tag a friend below who is deserving of a #restdaybecause they are just the fiercest ️

혼자밥먹는여자 / 커피필라소피 (@honbobgirl) Instagram Profile Photohonbobgirl

혼자밥먹는여자 / 커피필라소피

혼자밥먹는여자 / 커피필라소피 (@honbobgirl) Instagram Photo

#workhardplayhard더 까불고 놀기위해 노력합니다벌써부터 기대되는 12월

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