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Says CTF volunteer staffer Emily of her new #carrythefuturematernity shirt: "Bath time in my new CTF gear! I highly recommend the maternity shirts for bumps of all sizes! And 30% off right now with code SURPRISEDEAL!!" Emily- Chief Officer, Volunteer Resources TEMPORARY LINK IN PROFILE. #ctfswag #withRefugees #solidarity #goodsforgood

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However bad our days get, we are fortunate to be able to go home, shut our doors on the world and recuperate. But the millions of refugees around the world who have already faced enough grief to fill several lifetimes, are not so lucky. Refugees are amongst the world’s most vulnerable people - today, hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in squalid camps where they are subjected to daily humiliation. The idea of personal space is nonexistent, with people forced to live on top of each other in tents, without any idea of when they will be free to live a normal life. The most basic of health services are limited and hard to come by and despite their 'refugee' status, no one feels safe. As you read this, many refugees are trying to stay warm in tents and barracks in temperatures that are below zero, surrounded by snow and lack of proper heating. No matter what country they’ve fled, men, women and children seeking asylum need immediate access to warm, dry shelter that protects them from danger. The RefuAid team have spent extensive time working with refugee communities living in camps, and we know that housing is consistently one of the most requested opportunities. We know that life for refugees living in these conditions will have a disastrous impact on the future of these generations, and we know that it will foster dependency and weaken the ability of people to manage their own lives, creating a barrier for possible solutions. Our Housing Project addresses this severe need by providing housing and with it a resemblance of normality and safety to refugees in Greece. This project design houses people for less than 4EUR a day, an immense achievement against the 10EUR per person per night charged at certain refugee camps. Our scheme rescues individuals from the appalling conditions described above to a place to call home that is warm, private and has a roof. We are also addressing the need for housing for the Greek homeless population by providing 20% of available housing to destitute members of the local community. Help us help them by donating here #hope #withrefugees

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What a beautiful human being 😍😩 #yusramardini #teamrefugees #WithRefugees #teamvisa

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Last year, Hassibullah (18) graduated from our 9 month training programme. At the time, he was unemployed and looking for work every day. Now, he works as a car painter and has started his own project in Maimana, in #Afghanistan. He is happy and proud. With help from his brother, he is able to support his entire family. #education #WithRefugees #photooftheday #refugees #refugeechildren #school

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The first time we met Taimaa, it was the day she delivered her second child, Heln. What we loved about Taimaa was that her face was an open book. That day she showed both fear and hope for her daughter’s future. When we met up with her again a few days later in the refugee camp, her face was pure despair. She had no idea how much longer she would have to endure camp life. This is @francescatrianni, photo by @lynseyaddario. Thanks to @pulitzercenter for support. #greece #everydayrefugees #withrefugees #timefindinghome #refugees

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Playground. Children play around a tree at the end of the day, while garbage are being burnt in order to build new houses in an informal refugee camp, in the outskirts of Diffa, Niger. Around 250 000 people who fled Boko Haram conflict since the beginning of the crisis took refuge in the region. More than half of them are less than 18 years old #africa #niger #bokoharam #diffa #everydayafrica #everydayeverywhere #lensculture #worldpress #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #withrefugees

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Show your kids this picture of a sweet refugee girl in Kenya. She's brushing her teeth with clean water, something that's not a given in many parts of the world. Take a moment to remind your children of what a blessing clean water is! Photo from @nrc_norway #withrefugees #refugeecamp #cleanwater #parenting #intentionalliving #momlife #teachyourkids #mommy #lifelessons #clt #kenya

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Jill's #ctftripjournalfrom Northern Greece before traveling to Serbia last week, PART 2 OF 2: "The family with the new baby have a 2-year-old whose legs are not quite right -- they shake when she stands, and she is very, very tiny. She climbed into Amanda’s lap and just snuggled there for the 30 minutes we were visiting. Everyone sits on the beds; they have the UNHCR gray blankets on the bed and floor. Like all rooms, very clean and organized. The 2-year-old has neurological damage. Mom spent so much time hiding from the bombs while pregnant in Syria that she was only able to eat bread and water. Sam said they will work to get her physical therapy, but there also seems to be some cognitive damage. There are five volunteers here from the U.S., and they too were busy with the long to-do list. About 10 minutes after we arrived, the electricity went out to the whole warehouse/office building. No problem, the volunteers had brought lights with them! We all headed over to the 'movie room' and started setting up. Sam gave us general directions and we set to work. This is a fun distraction for the whole camp. At the end of the movie, the kids get treats. We had bought chocolate bars, there were bags of marbles, suckers, potato chips, and a juice box. We had 70 juice boxes and chocolate bars, and the last kid got the last juice boxes and bars! Perfect count. During the movie, in addition to the 70 kids, there were maybe another 10 teens and maybe 15 parents. The movie was Tarzan, the cartoon, dubbed in Arabic. Both Amanda and I had a kid on each lap and another girl on the chair between us who wanted to hold both of our hands. So much love. Tomorrow we will start heading toward Serbia, but since customs is not open until 9 a.m. in Serbia, we will spend the night in Skopje, Macedonia. The drive is only 3.5 hours, but we will give ourselves plenty of time. Should be interesting." #withRefugees #me2you #solidarity #grassroots #choosehumanity #ctftripjournal #greece #bridge2refugees #carrythefuture

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Baby Heln spent the first months of her life in a tent, with no running water, sporadic electricity and no heat. Here pictured is Heln's mom, Taimaa, a former music teacher. “When I was young, I expected to have a happy life, with a nice house, and to get an education,” says Taimaa. “I didn’t expect any of the things that are happening to me. It’s an ugly life.” This is @arynebaker, photo by @lynseyaddario. Thanks to @pulitzercenter for support.

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Gorgeous #refutreefaces in Geneva!! 🌲❤ Thank you both so much for supporting! Join us in your own exclusive Ai Weiwei TreeTee & help support the amazing work of MSF & #refugees #WithRefugees

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Gorgeous #refutreefaces in Geneva!! 🌲❤ Thank you both so much for supporting! Join us in your own exclusive Ai Weiwei TreeTee & help support the amazing work of MSF & #refugees #WithRefugees

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Gorgeous #refutreefaces in Geneva!! 🌲❤ Thank you both so much for supporting! Join us in your own exclusive Ai Weiwei TreeTee & help support the amazing work of MSF & #refugees #WithRefugees

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The three main lovely characters that I will show for the next few weeks are in fact siblings and they are: - Ismail (13), centre - Muhammad (7), right - Kurdistan (3), left They have been living in the refugee camp for a few months now with the other two older siblings and their mom after leaving their hometown, Aleppo. They lost their dad to the war, unfortunately.

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This Thursday in Parramatta Park! #welcomewallsartists will be getting down to some live street art this Australia Day with designs by new Australians, to welcome new Australians. Come leave your message of love and welcome on the walls!

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Jill's #ctftripjournalfrom last week in Greece, before heading into Serbia. PART 1 OF 2: "Learned today that this is the coldest it has been in Greece for 54 years ... Sam (from the NGO Bridge2Refugees that supports the camp) was running around dealing with no heat at his apartment, blown fuses in the warehouses, setting up for the movie, making sure every little fire that pops up every 5 minutes is put out. And then everywhere he goes, the kids cry out, 'Sam!' and want his attention. Sam and his mom, Sarah, have done such a fantastic and beautiful job in 101 short days. We had gone out and bought three more heaters thinking they could be used to put into the baby beds until it heats up a bit. We had to bring all the goodies we’d bought for the new baby last night and Sam said there was also a 3-week-old baby that could use a heater, too. First we stopped at the new baby’s room. Found out that the baby was 6 lbs., he just looked sooooo small. Such a good mama and such a proud papa, Mom looked tired but happy. The three girls are so adorable, full of smiles and wanting to practice their English. Dad made Sam and I Syrian coffee; wowsa, some very strong coffee. Thankfully Sam warned me about the last bit, which basically is straight coffee grounds. In the hallway walking to the next family, we ran into a mom that we had given a box to in October! Baby looked great and sooooo big. The next baby was a girl, three weeks old. They had a heater, so they said to save it and give it to the next baby. It was a mom, dad, 2-year-old girl and the new baby girl. They were from Syria, near the Iraq border. 'Very, very beautiful,' said the dad. They had some neighbors visiting who were from Iraq. He could speak very good English. He said his family had to leave Iraq. He held up his hands and pointed to all five fingers saying, 'ISIS, Taliban...' He looked at me and said that without being completely veiled I would be killed for not covering. Then he said that women have only slits for their eyes to look out, and if they have eye makeup on -- he ran his finger across his neck." #withRefugees #bridge2refugees #carrythefuture #refugeeswelcome #babybeds #ctfdistributionteam23

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We are collecting handmade items for refugee families in Greece! These items are HOMEMADE baby hats, blankets, jackets, sweater and toys to go in our Baby Beds. To manage the flow of all of these heartfelt donations, we ask that you contact us with an estimated number of items that you will be sending. Please send an email to if you would like to participate! #goodsforgood #handmade #solidarity #withRefugees #carrythefuture #babybeds #hope

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Nearly six years of violence in Syria means that there are staggering numbers of children who have never known a life without war. Millions of Syrian kids like Muhamed, Alla and Omar—pictured here—have been ripped from their homes and schools and now face an uncertain future. That’s why we’re focused on helping the youngest Syrian refugees cope with trauma, access education and participate in healthy and healing activities that support their continued development in the places their families have sought refuge.

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