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김 태 형 ~ 방탄소년단 (@taehyungg.ah) Instagram Profile Phototaehyungg.ah

김 태 형 ~ 방탄소년단

You Should Follow Me! (@ayybts) Instagram Profile Photoayybts

You Should Follow Me!

Bts_JuanpaZurita (@juanpa_bts) Instagram Profile Photojuanpa_bts


Thy_Memes_Anime_Love (@thy_memes_anime_love) Instagram Profile Photothy_memes_anime_love


Thy_Memes_Anime_Love (@thy_memes_anime_love) Instagram Photo

Awww my beautiful babies.I realize lately I haven’t been saying like anything about the pictures like I have been doing, I’m sorry about that I guess a lot has been on my mind recently. I try to better about that. #bts#bangtanboys#bangtan#bangtansonyeondan#bangtanarmy#v#jungkook#jungkookie#jungkookbts#jimin#rm#suga#jin#jhope

Pixie Stick 💖beep beep lettuce (@i.hearrt.sweets) Instagram Profile Photoi.hearrt.sweets

Pixie Stick 💖beep beep lettuce

Pixie Stick 💖beep beep lettuce (@i.hearrt.sweets) Instagram Photo

Yoongi looks so good pls

milktaeandkookies (@jiminizor) Instagram Profile Photojiminizor



my manguys omf we’re so close to 2k !! thank you so much :D do you think we can get 10k by the end of this week ? --can everyone who sent in the feedback thingy about my account comment 🦋 ? i want to thank yall individually :) (i hope i don’t get comment blocked lel) --i rlly hope i get back my account :/ apparently quite a number of business accounts got deleted ? so when i get it backor if i ever do :”( i won’t be a business acc anymore :( sighz i waNt mY AcCounT bAcK iNstAgRaMand guyS !! i had a giveaway on that account ? if i don’t get back my account by december 1st i’ll just do the giveaway here not many joined anywayif you don’t know what giveaway i’m talking about , go to#mtktksgiveawayimsostressedoutovereverythingomfcaninstajustgivemebackmyaccount#rm#kimnamjoon#leaderofbts

jungkookiedoughh (@jungthiccdicc) Instagram Profile Photojungthiccdicc


jungkookiedoughh (@jungthiccdicc) Instagram Photo


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