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Johnny Blazes (@johnnyyolks) Instagram Profile Photojohnnyyolks

Johnny Blazes

Johnny Blazes (@johnnyyolks) Instagram Photo


The Storytellers (@thestorytellers95) Instagram Profile Photothestorytellers95

The Storytellers

The Storytellers (@thestorytellers95) Instagram Photo

"Do you want me the way I want you?"Looking at his deep blue eyes,I could barely say a 'no'.Ecstasy pills diffusing slowly,lobbing straight at my head.___BUT I WONDER IF HE WILL LEAVE GOOSEBUMPS ON MY SKINPRESS HIS FINGERTIPS AND READ THEM LIKE BRAILLE___I close my eyesAnd feel his one handHolding my hair tight,While the otherRunning down the length of my neck.Ecstasy at it's peak, isn't it?_____BUT IS HE JUST SOME TRIP OF THE DRUGS I TOOK?AM I TRYING TO FORGET YOUR ABSENCE?_____My legs around his waist,His breath warming my lips.Kissing my chin and gently sucking it he asks,"Can I take off your shirt?"My body shivers with each of his icy kiss,My eyes still closed but my heart thumped.I felt his fingers drawing maps on my breasts,And then pinching it and sucking them long,Leaving purple - pink marks like dotting places on the globe.________SO WHAT IS MY BODY BUT A GRAVEYARD OF SCARS?SCARS BELONGING TO STRANGERS I COULD NEVER SAY A 'HEY' OR A 'GOODBYE'?______You are so soft, he whispersAnd melts the ice on my navel,Moving his tongue around on it,Sucking the water leaving a gentle bite."Do you want me inside?"He puts his two fingers andRepeatedly forcing them in and out,My lower body moving with the rhythm of his fingers between my thighs.His parched lips meet mine.Our tongues hungrily quenching our thirst for love ._____HIS MOUTH TASTES OF VANILLA,BUT I WAS ADDICTED TO THE FLAVORS OF YOUR PRETTY WHITE LIES_____The dope in my head dilutes.I open my eyes slowly,And find grey instead of blue eyes.I remember you left me,So all I am trying is to stay high.______NOW IF I KEEP MY EYES CLOSED, HE LOOKS JUST LIKE YOUNOW IF I KEEP MY EYES CLOSED, HE FEELS JUST LIKE YOU______I whisper Halsey and again close my eyes,Pointing my hands towards the heaven,I say "Fuck me, tonight"____©Rae Pathak, The Storytellers.@bosslady_here____________#writer#wordgasm#wordporn#wordgasm#wordsmith#writersofig#writers#writersnetwork#erotic#eroticpoetry#eroticpoem#halseylyrics#poetsofinstagram#poetry#poemporn#writogram#writersofinstagram#thestorytellers#thestorytellers95

Tchassa Kamga (@tchassakamga) Instagram Profile Phototchassakamga

Tchassa Kamga

Tchassa Kamga (@tchassakamga) Instagram Photo

I've written for the past two months just on my mobile device. I don't know what I'll do without Evernote. I love the fonts, colors and feel. Especially when I know I can start a random sequence of words and continue whenever I want.This particular piece...I'm going to let it simmer for a bit . I like the 'toddler humor in it. It got me grinningI'll make some tweaks to it into a longer format. I haven't taken this risk in a while eh.I have a folder labeled 'Impulsive' with over 50 unpublished drafts. Some completed. Others single words and phrasesI'm trying to clear everything I have in my mind to make space for the new. I don't like keeping ideas inside. I feel like it's clogging ze machine.How do you capture your inspiration?Do you publish all your ideas? Do you have (what @ryanholidaycalls) a 'common place' book?I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Especially if you're into creative work.....#writersofinstagram#writersnetwork#poetry#literature#amwriting#musings#poetsofinstagram#poetrycommunity#poet#write#writers#poems#poetsofig#writersofig#writingcommunity#words#wordporn#spilledink#creativewriting#instapoet#poets#instapoetry#instapoem#igpoets#kamgawrites#africanwriters#creative#evernote#work#inspiration

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