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Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. #slaaay#princess#ootn#kitakita

Seiss & Deiss Modas (@seissdeiss) Instagram Profile Photoseissdeiss

Seiss & Deiss Modas

LAKSHMI CHARANYA (@theawkweirdkid) Instagram Profile Phototheawkweirdkid


LAKSHMI CHARANYA (@theawkweirdkid) Instagram Photo

LILAC IS HERE TO STAY!!!#powerpastelsExpression: I don't even know!

VELVET LIFE (@velvetlifebrecho) Instagram Profile Photovelvetlifebrecho


VELVET LIFE (@velvetlifebrecho) Instagram Photo

there's a 30% chance that's already raining

Amiga Modas (@amigamodasfesta) Instagram Profile Photoamigamodasfesta

Amiga Modas

Amiga Modas (@amigamodasfesta) Instagram Photo

Os nossos modelos vão do tamanho PP ao XXG, para deixar todas as nossas clientes um arraso aonde quer que estejam.

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