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Beauty•PureMakeup•Glitter•Hair (@beauty_fashionhair) Instagram Profile Photobeauty_fashionhair


Beauty•PureMakeup•Glitter•Hair (@beauty_fashionhair) Instagram Photo
Dallas, TexasReportShareDownload112

You know we are all about the GlitterDouble Tap if you like

Myebonybox (@myebonybox) Instagram Profile Photomyebonybox


Myebonybox (@myebonybox) Instagram Photo

This month we have been blessed with this beautiful Queen Choker by the phenomenal women at @24ten_accessoriesWe love this brand and wanted to get to understand the vision behind their beautiful designed statement pieces carefully crafted and beautiful packaged._____________________________________________1.What made you get started and why do you design Accessories? "24ten is the product of a fashion designer and a model, and we saw that chokers are such a big part of the fashion and accessory industry. We saw a gap in the market where 24ten could provide luxury handmade items that stand out, at an affordable price.We also know that pieces such as chokers, only come in one size and a lot of ladies felt excluded. So we offer two different sizes in most of our chokers. ‘We believe in Style, not Fashion’ so working with accessories is so much fun as adding a piece can totally change your outfit. We are able to create new designs along with the changing trends with a fast turnaround."

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