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TheyShouldMakeADoubleChinEmoji (@2_purple_kids) Instagram Photo
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I’m so thankful for all of you guys who follow, like and comment on my edits. Love you guys@annieleblanc- ---*Please let me know if you’re going to use any of my icons, and only repost my edits if you give credit :)-fc ; 617----{Tags} #hannie#annieleblanc#haydensummerrall#bratayley#edit#follow#vlog#annie#hayden#like4like#follow4follow#gainpost#gainfollowers#rockyourhair#brat#juliannaleblanc#kayden#jaynnie#kenzieziegler#jayhaynnie#jannie#dannie#brannie#kannie#lannie#spannie#videostar#hannieisreal

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Kristian Richardson

Kristian Richardson (@kristimommyoftwo) Instagram Photo
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New Fanfic Account


CHAPTER 1: IMPOSSIBLEKenzie's POV(Kenz):I wake up, startled by my alarm. 'Ugh' I think to myself as I get up to turn it off. The dreaded first day of school. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and look around my room at all the pictures of my best friends, Annie and Jayden. It's been us three against the world since I can remember.I lazily drag my legs off the side of the bed and stand up. I immediately want to lay back down, but I fight the urge and walk to my closet. I pull out the outfit I have been saving for this day: a mini skirt with a crop top. I know, pretty basic. (SWIPE)Once I've finished getting ready I head downstairs and the smell of bacon and eggs fills my nose.(Kenz): "Mmm. What's that?"Momma Mel (Mel): "I know I don't cook a lot but it's your first day, so I thought I would. I hope you have time to eat."Maddie(Mad): "There's always time to eat."I scarf down everything my mom put on my plate and started to head outside, grabbing my keys on the way out. (Kenz): "Bye guys!"(Mel and maddie): "Bye!"Excitement fills my body as I take a step out. The beginning of a new year. I take a big breath in as I drive off, wondering where this year will take me.•E•N•D(A/N: Hey first chapter is trash, but I'll work on it lol. BTW maddie is living with them, but goes to college.)

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