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70scesa Kullanıcısının 1433065596698149269_4086873617 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

die for you #openrp #newopenrp

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lovaticforeverpaula Kullanıcısının 1433019070525810549_1704508987 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Hope one day she'll know how much she means to me. I am losing my hope because not so much time left.. Two years ago I heard the most beautiful "yes" and saw the most beautiful person in the world who has the most beautiful smile, voice and laugh in the whole universe @ddlovato 😭.You even can't imagine how much it means to me. It even doesn't matter that all I was able to say was "Thanks for sharing your beautiful face and remember that polish lovatics love you forever". I know that I ruined my first and probably the last chance to meet you but I was so shocked and everything was happening so fast... I can't stop thinking about the bracelet I gave you in Amsterdam. Did you like it?To be honest sometimes it's killing me. I only want you to know that my lil heart is forever with you, no matter what and that I'll never be able to thank you enough for everything. You make my life better. You are my motivation to workout. When I listen to your songs I forget about my gray life. Day without your music is a lost day. I'm so proud of being lovatic. I wish you all the best.You are the hottest and most beautiful idol ever. I can't wait to hear your new album. It's gonna be amazing and slay the whole world.Ps. Your confidence means a world to me. You are really the most beautiful human inside and outside. 💗💜😘 I miss u. 😭 @ddlovato @Mm_82092 #ddlovato #meetandgreet #lovatic #photooftheday #lovedemilovato #demetria #demi #devonne #lovato #lovatics #dl #ddl #devonnebydemi #confident #staystrong #coolforthesummer #askdemi #futurenowtour #hondacivictour #bodygoals

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awakcno Kullanıcısının 1432907198966828387_4446752724 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

this theme is flopping, i can feel it #openrp

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yuzahoee Kullanıcısının 1432883694154270006_3564172729 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

When you... me ✨💛

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yuzahoee Kullanıcısının 1432867384376617374_3564172729 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör


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chokemedemetria Kullanıcısının 1432791748325456227_1901043227 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

this makes me so happy, i'm hyped

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ofddlovato Kullanıcısının 1432789318556813072_3584576666 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Demi Lovato on instagram: Today... we march for our rights. Not just as women, but as human beings. We are entitled to equal rights like GENDER EQUALITY, EDUCATION, EQUAL PAY, REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, FREEDOM FROM SEXUAL ASSAULTS... and the list goes on. Do it for your mother, your daughter, your little sister, your best friends because womens rights are human rights.

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70scesa Kullanıcısının 1432781805584745466_4086873617 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

VI 🥀 comment for a tbh. #openrp #newopenrp #anyrp

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sassylionheart Kullanıcısının 1432673331807408705_852371768 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

wow, i love this one too 😻

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demisnightingale92 Kullanıcısının 1432573634559437932_4193034127 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Demi, Ariana ve birçok ünlü "Trump'a karşı kadınlar" adında Los Angles'taki bir yürüyüşe katılacaklar #demilovato #demi #lovato #demetriadevonnelovato #lovatic #futurenowtour #hondacivictour #turkishlovatics #kapaceneniswiftie #hatefortaylorswift #teamdemi #demipleasecometoizmir #demipleasecometoturkey

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