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Zillida (@zillidalife) Instagram Photo


Becky Pell (@rocknroll_yogi) Instagram Profile Photorocknroll_yogi

Becky Pell

Becky Pell (@rocknroll_yogi) Instagram Photo

Unopened bills, health niggles, relationship ‘atmospheres’... it’s a rare problem that just goes away if you ignore it. Certainly some plans fall into place if you decide to give them space to work out, but that’s a conscious decision. Just burying your head in the sand has a triple-whammy negative effect. 1 - it doesn’t get the problem solved. 2 - it means the problem very likely gets worse. 3 - it means you have to live with that icky toxic feeling of something awkward lurking in the back of your mind. Summoning up your courage and opening the bill, booking the doctor’s appointment, or saying to the person in question ‘can we talk?’ mean that yes, there will be a short period of possibly quite intense discomfort, but the relief afterwards, when you discover that either things aren’t as bad as you thought, OR that they’re actually a whole lot worse BUT now you have the power to take action, is the most incredibly freeing thing!

CrossFit Contessa (@crossfitcontessa) Instagram Profile Photocrossfitcontessa

CrossFit Contessa

CrossFit Contessa (@crossfitcontessa) Instagram Photo

Instead of saying "I don't have time" try saying "it's not a priority" and see how that feels. ⠀>>>>⠀You become your thoughts, so make them positive!⠀

Triana Lion Paganoni (@trianalion) Instagram Profile Phototrianalion

Triana Lion Paganoni

Triana Lion Paganoni (@trianalion) Instagram Photo

Lo mío... lo mío... es pararme de cabeza. Me acuerdo que de chiquitas, mi hermana y yo jugábamos a pararnos de cabeza y empujarnos con los pies a ver quien aguantaba más... ahora lo pienso y creo que no era el juego más seguro para conservar nuestras vértebras jajaja... ¿tú tenías un juego raro con tus herman@s ?? .🤓@dilanchsaucedo..#trianalion#healthylife#healthybody#healthyspirit#healthymind#healthy#integrativenutrition#balance#blogtrianalion#blog#goals#couplegoals#fitlife#love

Zillida (@zillidalife) Instagram Photo
Marcileno Brown Jr. (@mrhwgd) Instagram Profile Photomrhwgd

Marcileno Brown Jr.

Marcileno Brown Jr. (@mrhwgd) Instagram Photo

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO EAT FOR YOUR BODY TO HEAL ITSELF🤷‍️ Book your free discovery session today with your certified health coachwww.Hwgdlifestyle.comFind out what's Slowing you down & holding you back from living the lifestyle you deserve.#certified#health#coach#lifecoach#lifestyleblogger#healthyeating#healthyfood#heakthylifestyle#healthymind#mindpower#plantbased#eattolive#wakeup#kids#health#matter#passion#purpose#determined

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