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M y D u d e, C l i c k I t ⬆︎ (@hannieee2) Instagram Profile Photohannieee2

M y D u d e, C l i c k I t ⬆︎

M y D u d e, C l i c k I t ⬆︎ (@hannieee2) Instagram Photo

••• Hayden’s and his family are going to Santa Barbara for thanksgiving! { photo from : @tishasummerall} -----︎-Follow @hannieee2( me ) for more ! --︎----T a g s ↴#hannie#kimkardashian#haydensummerall#jayannie#brookebutler#rockyourhair#ordinarygirl#hayleyleblanc#bratayley#vlog#lavibes#sannie#caleb

Rain ☁| .7 K Loves (@trendinghannie) Instagram Profile Phototrendinghannie

Rain ☁| .7 K Loves


Chapter Ten - spam 2/5Dylan Summerall POVI see the notification from Annie pop up. “DYLAN! I NEED YOUR HELP ASAP.” The all caps bring me to my attention. Hayden ditched her? I run straight to his room. He's not here… I sit on his bed until he gets home. My otp could've been official today. The time came. Where I heard footsteps get louder and louder. I probably sat in the room for 15 minutes. He opens the door. “Hi Dylan!” He says startled. “Where were you?” I try not to be mad at him. “No hi? Geez.” “Where were you?” “I was with Johnny and his group of girl friends.” “Group of girlfriends?” I almost yell. “Be quiet. Yes. A group of friends that are girls.” “You know you ditched Annie?” Hayden's POV“You know you ditched Annie?” Runs through my head. “I forgot.” I stutter. “You didn't Hayden. Tell me why you ditched the girl you like.” “I needed a distraction.” “A distraction?!” Dylan yells. I tell him to shut up again. “It's working. Now go?” He walks out the door and slams it. It really wasn't working. Every time I talked to one of the girls they didn't get my humor like Annie did. Another girl just acted like she was perfect but that was another flaw. The only perfect I know is Annie Leblanc. My best friend. “Hayden. You have to keep trying.” I repeat in my head. I change out of my clothes and thank Johnny for inviting me to hang out.  I lay in my bed and just from habit look over to my left. Where a picture of Annie and I stood on my nightstand. I look at it for a long time. I knew it was a hallucination but images of memories were shown in front of me. I tried to touch her but the picture just vanished. Maybe I'm not leaving her…. she's leaving me… I see my phone screen light up. ”Goodnight.” She texts. I avoid her. Finding a distraction may be the best option. At least I think so...tags: # #hannie#jenzie#haydensummerall#annieleblanc#hanniefanfic#hanniefanfiction#fanfiction

catherine ❥ (@lmaohannie) Instagram Profile Photolmaohannie

catherine ❥

catherine ❥ (@lmaohannie) Instagram Photo

let’s all take a moment of silence for my photoshop skills.............

Hannie and LeBlanc stan ♡ (@hanniexleblanc7) Instagram Profile Photohanniexleblanc7

Hannie and LeBlanc stan ♡

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