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Annie & Hayden💜💟 (@hanniexloveee) Instagram Profile Photohanniexloveee

Annie & Hayden💜💟

Hannie❤ (@hannie_loveee) Instagram Profile Photohannie_loveee


Hannie❤ (@hannie_loveee) Instagram Profile Photohannie_loveee


Fanfics:) Updatezz (@everything_leblancs) Instagram Profile Photoeverything_leblancs

Fanfics:) Updatezz

Fanfics:) Updatezz (@everything_leblancs) Instagram Photo

Chapter 1:Annie's POV-I woke up and walked out of my room. It was the weekend and I felt like watching some TV. So, I sat on the couch and grabbed the remote. Everyone else was still sleeping. I always wake up first nowadays. I flipped through the channels and lowered the volume. After watching the show for awhile I got hungry. So, I went over to the kitchen and got some cereal. *knock knock*I put down my cereal to get the door. It's 6:00 in the morning! When I opened it no one was there.K- boo!*whisper*A- Kenzie! What are you doing here so early?K- I wanted to surprise you.A- you couldn't surprise me later because- never mind. So, what's the surprise?K- I'm taking you on a trip!She moved over so I could see her car.A- a trip to..K- a road trip, to a camping ground. My parents and I go every summer, but they said we could go over school break.A- in the winter?K- yeah tons of people do it! I promise you it'll be so much fun!A- then I guess I can go! But I need to ask my parents... or should I just leave a note.K- it's fine, just leave a note and then text them later.A- ok, do I have time to pack?K- yup we can wait. It's only 5 nights and 6 days. And don't change, just put a jacket over that.A- ok I'll be down in a jiffy.I running upstairs.K- jiffy?A- shut up.K- *laughs*I quickly got a suitcase and packed a few outfits and pyjamas. I brought it downstairs, wrote a note, and but on a jacket, gloves, a hat, and some Uggs. I walked out the door and went over to the car I opened it and everyone yelled surprise.A- oh hey guys. I didn't know y'all were gonna be here. Yay! Now this is gonna be a lit more fun! No offence kenz.K- none taken. Ok now that everyone is here, I think. Let me do roll call. JOHNNY!J- HEREK- ANNIEA- HEREK- RUBYR- HEREK- ok let's roll.Johnny was sitting in the passenger seat, Kenzie was driving, and ruby and I were sitting in the back.A- so, what's newR- nothing much. But I was wondering if you could help me with a trick. Cause I now how good you are at gymnastics.A- thanks, level 14. So, what do you need help with?R- well in dance we have to do this move where I go on two peoples hands (MORE IN COMMENTS⬇

Daily Bratayley Facts💗 (@leblanniefacts) Instagram Profile Photoleblanniefacts

Daily Bratayley Facts💗

Daily Bratayley Facts💗 (@leblanniefacts) Instagram Photo

Fc; 0.690k fact; 743••- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] #annieleblanc#hayleyleblanc#haydensummerall#katieleblanc#billyleblanc#leblanc#celebratelife#bakedpatato#hannie#hannieisreal#hanniegoals #hannieisrising#jannie#kannie#bratayley#bratayleyedit#bratayleyfacts- [ ]

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