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Hannie Fanfics ( Instagram Profile

Hannie Fanfics

Hannie Fanfics ( Instagram Photo

Chapter 2Annie’s POVShe runs up to my locker and shouts at me.M: What are you laughing at?!A: Nothing. Im sorry.M: Yeh right loser!Everyone was looking at us. My life is fucked up once again. Hayden ran up to us.H: Mia! Will you please just stop?! She isn’t doing anything to you!M: Ugh!She storms off.A: Than-H: You ok?A: Yeah, thanks.H: No problem.A: By the way, my name’s ann-H: Annie! Yah! I know! I remember you!A: Oh!CA: Hayden come on!!H: Sorry, i gotta go.He leaves. And im just there at my locker. I could see a group of girls whispering while looking at me. Wow! Once again everyone is talking about me. My life has became a huge terrible wreck! I took some of my books and went out of the school. Then, i heard a honk coming from my right. Finally mom was here! I got in the car and just kept quiet.MK(Mrs katie): How was school?A: It was ok.MK: You ok anns?A: Yah! Im fine, im just tired.We drove back home and i went straight to my room. I just layed there and didn’t do much. Hayley comes in.H$: Annie! What is this?!She hands me her phone, it was a video of the whole thing that happened just now.H$: What happened just now?!A: It was nothing hayley.H$: Annie, you can tell me anything! That bitch deserves to die!A: Hayley chill.H$: Im not just letting anyone push you around like that! Yeah! Im younger! But I can’t stand that!A: Just please.H$: FINE! Just tell me if you meed anything.A: Thanks hay!She leaves and i just layed on my bed.Hayden’s POVThe gang and i were at Carson’s house and we started talking about annie.CA: So, hayden, how was that loner just now?H: Well dont even start about that!JO: Chill bro!I rolled my eyes and just played on my phone.(Thank you all so much for all the support!! I srsly wouldn’t have gotten 1000 without yall! You guys are amazing!) Love yall️#hannie#hanniearmy#hannieshippers#hannieshipper#hannieships#hannieship#hanniefanfics#hanniefanfic#hanniefanfictions#hanniefanfiction#hannieisbae#hannieisreal#hannieisrising#hannieisgoals#hanniearmy#hanniestan#hannieforever#hannieforlife#hannie4life#hannie4ever

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Fanfics:) Updatezz (@everything_leblancs) Instagram Profile Photoeverything_leblancs

Fanfics:) Updatezz

Fanfics:) Updatezz (@everything_leblancs) Instagram Photo

Chapter 1:Annie's POV-I woke up and walked out of my room. It was the weekend and I felt like watching some TV. So, I sat on the couch and grabbed the remote. Everyone else was still sleeping. I always wake up first nowadays. I flipped through the channels and lowered the volume. After watching the show for awhile I got hungry. So, I went over to the kitchen and got some cereal. *knock knock*I put down my cereal to get the door. It's 6:00 in the morning! When I opened it no one was there.K- boo!*whisper*A- Kenzie! What are you doing here so early?K- I wanted to surprise you.A- you couldn't surprise me later because- never mind. So, what's the surprise?K- I'm taking you on a trip!She moved over so I could see her car.A- a trip to..K- a road trip, to a camping ground. My parents and I go every summer, but they said we could go over school break.A- in the winter?K- yeah tons of people do it! I promise you it'll be so much fun!A- then I guess I can go! But I need to ask my parents... or should I just leave a note.K- it's fine, just leave a note and then text them later.A- ok, do I have time to pack?K- yup we can wait. It's only 5 nights and 6 days. And don't change, just put a jacket over that.A- ok I'll be down in a jiffy.I running upstairs.K- jiffy?A- shut up.K- *laughs*I quickly got a suitcase and packed a few outfits and pyjamas. I brought it downstairs, wrote a note, and but on a jacket, gloves, a hat, and some Uggs. I walked out the door and went over to the car I opened it and everyone yelled surprise.A- oh hey guys. I didn't know y'all were gonna be here. Yay! Now this is gonna be a lit more fun! No offence kenz.K- none taken. Ok now that everyone is here, I think. Let me do roll call. JOHNNY!J- HEREK- ANNIEA- HEREK- RUBYR- HEREK- ok let's roll.Johnny was sitting in the passenger seat, Kenzie was driving, and ruby and I were sitting in the back.A- so, what's newR- nothing much. But I was wondering if you could help me with a trick. Cause I now how good you are at gymnastics.A- thanks, level 14. So, what do you need help with?R- well in dance we have to do this move where I go on two peoples hands (MORE IN COMMENTS⬇

Liv 😇 (@juliannaleblancfanfiction) Instagram Photo

Chapter 4I saw Hayden and Kenzie kissing my heart broke I liked him even though we haven’t had a moment or anything it felt like I’ve known him for agesJo- you ok bestieA- noHe hugs meI look out the window and think what could I doI use my powers to make waves in the pool I saw them get splashedB- you did that?A- yepK- argh my hairA- why you go in a pool thenK- brat!I see Hayden’s face full of anger was it about me or herJo- get outK- make meShe does a little giggleA- get out!K- what you gonna do cryH- GET OUT ZIEGLER!Her face turns pale and she runs outJo- what happenedLauren runs after herH- she kissed meHayden’s POV- I feel stupid Annie looked upset her face is redI walk up to her and Bella walks over to livH- I’m sorry I’m stupidA- it’s fineH- lookA- look at you too kissingH- she kissed me ok why do you careA- because I like you!I see everyone’s heads turnI stand there shocked she started crying I tried to hug her but she ran offI sit down and cryJo- mate go after herB- it’s not your fault her emotions are messed up Kenzie has always bullied herH- were does she goL- I knowI follow liv and Bella Johnny follows and so does JaydenWe get to a rockB- I’m not sure how deep it isMic⬇️⬇️⬇️

Liv 😇 (@juliannaleblancfanfiction) Instagram Photo

Chapter 3We get too my house And we sit down then I hear a knockI open the doorJo- hello JuliaA- hi OrlandoJo- hey don’t call me thatA- don’t call me Julia thenJ- what should we doB- I’m really tempted to go for a swimA- sameHayden’s POV- I was confused when Johnny called Annie Julia?We allchanged and went in the poolA- Hayden Bella’s a mermaid tooH- wow coolA- let’s go inAnnie’s POV- I step one foot in and I turn into a mermaid my tail was blue and purpleBella stepped in hers was pink and yellowThey jumped in I swam as fast as I could did I tell you I could hold my breath forever well I canI come back upH- well I know who’s going to win at holding your breath underwater contestA- me and Bella willI look up and see my mermaid friend liv ( again she is not famous she is based on me and Bella is based on my friend)A- liv!Liv was another mermaid her hair was brown with blonde her tail was pink and purple and she was the nicest person everJo- soo more mermaid peopleL- yepLivs POV- I was annies friend little did she know I told two people That I was a mermaid there names were Kenzie and Lauren they said they knew AnnieAnnie’s POV-She jumped in she was a sweet girl the next thing I saw was Kenzie and Lauren me and Bella cloakedK- were did Annie and her friend goJ- they weren’t hereI do my magic and pretend to come down the slideA- hiyaI see Liv still in her tailLa- hey broJo- what do you wantK- your fish friend liv invited usA- livShe knows my past was rough wit Mackenzie and Laurenhey used to bully me for swimming a lot ( Hayley is in this story she just hasn’t been mentioned yet)A- look can you just goBella did her magicK- why the party has just startedLa- look if you don’t let us in we willK- tell everyone I mean everyone that liv is a mermaid you under standA- understoodThey came in I gave Jayden a nodA- I’m gonna get a drinkB- I’ll comeMe and Bella looked out the window are secret was sorta exposed I don’t blame liv she’s clueless of the human world like I wasI saw the thing I wanted to never see...

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