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Lauren Schwab (@_laurenschwab) Instagram Profile Photo_laurenschwab

Lauren Schwab

THIS IS MY STORY ️ If you ever find yourself saying "life isn't fair or I wish things were different or why did this happen to me" ... "know right now is both temporary, and exactly where you are supposed to be. You have arrived at this moment to learn what you must learn , so you can become the person you need to be to create the life you truly want. Even when life is difficult or challenging… Especially when life is difficult and challenging… The present is always an opportunity for us to learn, grow, and become better than we've ever been before." - Hal ElrodI am grateful for who I have become because of my life's circumstances. If things were different...I wouldn't be me and I like meIn honor of #thanksgiving- I am giving all the thanks to this moment. A moment that I truly waited a lifetime to have. Nothing can compare to what I was feeling in this moment. I'll never be able to put it into words...I can just thank the big man upstairs for making it happen. Dreams really do come true and prayers are always answered ️ Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family!

Ty Adams Jr (@bassandfurious) Instagram Profile Photobassandfurious

Ty Adams Jr

Ty Adams Jr (@bassandfurious) Instagram Photo

First ever jerkbait fish!Man this is awesome, picked it up about 2 weeks ago and just kept fishing it since ive never caught a fish on it.Finally landed my first one!! Not a giant at all but just goes to show you gotta keep trying and never stop learning!My goal to become a more versatile angler is definitely in process.#movingforward#alwayslearning#bassfishing#goals#hardwork#bass#fishing#fish#fishcatch#fishy#tightlines#jerkbaitfish#herefishy#lures#rod#reel#tightlines#yesisaidguys#youtube#filming

3&Co Productions (@3andcoproductions) Instagram Profile Photo3andcoproductions

3&Co Productions

3&Co Productions (@3andcoproductions) Instagram Photo

@meg_biddledirecting like a BOSS

Alena Bernardi (@itsalenabernardi) Instagram Profile Photoitsalenabernardi

Alena Bernardi

Alena Bernardi (@itsalenabernardi) Instagram Photo

My head & heart may be in #la , but a piece of my heart is always in #michigan . ️

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