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I'm gonna be starting a new story oh boy let's see if it's one of the 2% of projects that actually gets finishedAlso I really need to be more assertive I need to talk to my parents about my health (bc I wanna go vegetarian bc we don't eat super healthy at home and I literally can't take care of my physical health if my parents don't buy it) but I know they'll just ramble about "counting calories" like I am literally borderline anorexic let's not talk about counting calories for my sake, ok? Like taking a health class made me realize just how unhealthy I am and I want to change but I literally can't it makes me sadPlease help•Anyways have this cute picture of Scott like look at his hair I want to run my fingers through it tbhAlso I want those jackets and I want to cuddle him and you get the gist

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KristineLenel (@iamkreysteyn) Instagram Photo

Nung nagbuhos ang diyos ng kagandahan gising na gising ka Madam @mainedcmSo GORGEOUS AS ALWAYSS!ctto.#mainemendoza#aldenrichards#maichard#fangirl

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K, as you know I'm BlakeGirl.and lastnight, Finally BLAKE FOLLOWED MEIknow I don't deserve it butI WASNT expected at all and didn't effort so much but just tweeted him only once "I Can'tSleep So Help Me" .then He just Followed me I was CRYING🤦‍️️. THANKYOU @newhopeblake️️.#blakegirl#blakerichardson#nhc#newhopeclub#theclub#fangirl#follow#f4f#l4l

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