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amyjean Kullanıcısının 1430408156811660811_163548 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

What an awesome afternoon & evening! We rarely get the opportunity to spend a lot of time working on or with cattle, so these afternoons are even more special! ❤ After yarding, splitting, blocking up and cutting out a few, the guys and I got to take them for a bit of a walk to turn them out. Grace absolutely smashed all expectations out of the ballpark - some people don't need an $8000 horse, they need an $800 stationbred, green-broke grey mare and 8000 hours in the saddle. Tonight, I'm feeling in love and blessed and very, very knackered! ❤ #horsewoman #horsemanship #cattle #sunset #australia #cowgirl #rurallife #thisislivin #cowsandponies #erryday #mylove #quarterhorse #australianstockhorse

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ecfiles Kullanıcısının 1430362338368124826_1929267507 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Holding his excitement in #literally #saycheese #koreanhotpot #erryday

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honey_queen Kullanıcısının 1430350753239648895_35427316 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

#sunsetporn #erryday 💛

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tayseatsandtreats Kullanıcısının 1430315819593998634_676806976 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Zucchini... Potatoes... These are a few of my favourite things! 💚💚💚💚💚 #vegetablelover #erryday

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j3ss1989 Kullanıcısının 1430279523857787865_252385036 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

😂😂😂😂😂 #erryday #fairydust #ativan #nursesofinstagram #nurseproblems

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theprincealfredhotel Kullanıcısının 1430246505231157055_289314670 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Grapefruit, white peach, citrus and oak spice = Sticks Sauvignon Blanc. Just $7 a glass during happy hour 4-6pm #erryday Yum! Alfie x #winetime #sauvignonblanc #sauvblanc #victorianwine #yarravalley #sticks

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duecessquared Kullanıcısının 1430213455919413512_293886773 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Every single morning....the only thing missing is blankie, 2 cups with no milk, a dropped granola bar, a forgotten backpack and me crying in the background. This is why we have perfected the get out and run method in the drop off line at school. #almostlate #erryday

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april__roth Kullanıcısının 1430199379097501073_323808504 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Repost @lisa_marilou with @repostapp 🖤 ・・・ Wanna guarantee no one ever steals your spot, regardless where you're heading in life?? Just be your fkn self!!! Prefer to compete against millions tryna fit in the same spot?! - go ahead, blending in is probably your best bet. I prefer competing against one only- my(goofy🙃😋)self. ;p

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brianhenderlong Kullanıcısının 1430153040878421137_318590095 Id'li Fotoğrafını Gör

Tampa, I ❤ your 🌅, but I 😝 your 🚗🚗🚗.

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