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JayGee (@jaygee0621) Instagram Photo
@behindthefacade1111 Instagram Photo

#repostsave@vegans_are_fucking_awesomewith @repostsaveapp・・・ We are a despicable species.What are we doing on this planet.What are we doing to this earth.Why are we here.

Ashes For Hope (@ashesforhope) Instagram Profile Photoashesforhope

Ashes For Hope

Ashes For Hope (@ashesforhope) Instagram Photo

Our mission is "Dogs Saving Dogs" ... the reality is more often "Dogs Saving People" Go to Ashesforhope.comTo learn how you can join our cause

Amanda Mahon (@amandadanielleeee) Instagram Profile Photoamandadanielleeee

Amanda Mahon

Amanda Mahon (@amandadanielleeee) Instagram Photo

Be kind to every living-being.This poor beauty was saved from poachers, his leg will never be the same. #endpoaching#endcruelty#loveforall

Yvonne Chypchar (@yvonnechypchar) Instagram Profile Photoyvonnechypchar

Yvonne Chypchar

Yvonne Chypchar (@yvonnechypchar) Instagram Photo

#repost@rabbitrights(@get_repost )・・・Time to be heard! Please sign & share this petition.Link in Bio

Kayla Middleton (@takinganewroute) Instagram Profile Phototakinganewroute

Kayla Middleton

Kayla Middleton (@takinganewroute) Instagram Photo

Spent Sunday afternoon at the Edinburgh @veganfestivalukso blessed to be in a city surrounded by so many people fighting animal cruelty and inhumane slaughter 🥊 was such a beautiful event with amazing food and an excellent atmosphere ️ so much passion and dedication goes into these small businesses and charities who are truly dedicated to end the selfishness and promote a much more beautiful, compassionate worldI'm so excited to be on this journey of learning and mindful living. Honestly couldn't be more grateful

Rabbit Rights (@rabbitrights) Instagram Profile Photorabbitrights

Rabbit Rights

Rabbit Rights (@rabbitrights) Instagram Photo

Time to be heard! Please sign & share this petition.Link in Bio

Rabbit Rescue Inc (@rabbitrescueinc) Instagram Profile Photorabbitrescueinc

Rabbit Rescue Inc

Rabbit Rescue Inc (@rabbitrescueinc) Instagram Photo

Time to be heard! Please sign & share this petition.Link in Bio

Kamakshi Kamath (@bonkersbynature) Instagram Profile Photobonkersbynature

Kamakshi Kamath

Looking back at fond memories.Breaks my heart that Candice has lost her pups. Look at all that love and trust in her eyes.Whoever took her pups away has destroyed her faith in human beings. She is devastated now and is biting anyone who approaches her. She almost bit me too, but then she realised it was me and I'm her friend.I hope we become truly human one day. Until then, we don't deserve this beautiful planet and the wonderful creatures around us.Betraying man's best friend is a merciless, heartless and unforgivable act. ...#endcruelty#animalwelfare#dogs#animallovers#awareness#adoptdontshop#doglovers#canine#mansbestfriend#dogsofinstagram#pet#stray#love#nofilter#message

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