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Eleanor Calder ♡ (@universeleanor) Instagram Profile Photouniverseleanor

Eleanor Calder ♡

Eleanor Calder ♡ (@universeleanor) Instagram Photo

—One of my favorite accounts is disabled. I hope you come back soon, sweetie! @eleanorsupport

Louis My Angel (@louis.tommo.the.angel) Instagram Profile Photolouis.tommo.the.angel

Louis My Angel

Louis My Angel (@louis.tommo.the.angel) Instagram Photo

This really, really hurts

Louis_ Eleanor_forever (@louis_eleanor_forever) Instagram Profile Photolouis_eleanor_forever

Louis_ Eleanor_forever

Louis_ Eleanor_forever (@louis_eleanor_forever) Instagram Photo

Exijo un Louis en mí vida#louistomlinson#eleanorcalder#elounor

L + E 💕 (@tomlinsonlovescalderx) Instagram Photo

I love when I see likes from Larries and no hate comments. If you are LS It's ok, I respect you and Thank you for your respect. I'll always support Louis and Eleanor but that doesn't mean I'll hate on those that Don't ship what I ship. R E S P E C T-Vane•Took it from: @eleanorsnews• |#elounor#larrystylinson|#elounorshippers#calderic#larryshipper#respect

Louis Tomlinson facts🤙🏼 (@factsoflouis) Instagram Profile Photofactsoflouis

Louis Tomlinson facts🤙🏼

Louis Tomlinson facts🤙🏼 (@factsoflouis) Instagram Photo

⭐️this is such a sad fact. no wonder louis lacked confidence :(—follow me (@factsoflouis ) for more louis facts! ◡̈

end it™ (@tomlinson.hazz) Instagram Photo

Louis' new single comes out in 2 days but his team didn't promote it yet ??? His team is literally garbage and I hate their useless ass so much

Larry Stylinson 🍑🏳️‍🌈 (@larrystylinhoes) Instagram Profile Photolarrystylinhoes

Larry Stylinson 🍑🏳️‍🌈

Larry Stylinson 🍑🏳️‍🌈 (@larrystylinhoes) Instagram Photo

My favourite will forever be 2014

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