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Teenathlete (@thefitnessviking) Instagram Profile Photothefitnessviking


Teenathlete (@thefitnessviking) Instagram Photo

Delts today My #1tip for wide shoulders-Don't use heavy weight Instead of using your shoulders, you end up lifting the weight with your traps. Try to focus on your side delts by using a much lower weight and really squeeze the muscle. Look at me, I use 5kg dumbbells in the video You may look like a pussy but trust me, your shoulders will be popping.

Zack Benge (@zackbenge) Instagram Profile Photozackbenge

Zack Benge

Zack Benge (@zackbenge) Instagram Photo
Carlos ( Instagram Photo

Feeling great today #bouldershoulderday

Bobby J. Cox (@phrogman01) Instagram Profile Photophrogman01

Bobby J. Cox

Bobby J. Cox (@phrogman01) Instagram Photo

Four days; sicker than a dog. (Two with fever) Came back today to do as the shaker said to.@jessejamesfit@marcos_silvarado#bouldershoulderday

Will Tedder (@tedderwill) Instagram Profile Phototedderwill

Will Tedder

Will Tedder (@tedderwill) Instagram Photo

Gettin it this A.M. #bouldershoulderday

Margo Schneringer (@just_margo_22) Instagram Profile Photojust_margo_22

Margo Schneringer

Margo Schneringer (@just_margo_22) Instagram Photo

Getting in some shoulders and abs before we head out for the weekend.I had to pick up Juliette from daycare today with 103 fever.... right now she is sleeping and I’m hoping she feels better quickly!#mypoorbaby#grindwhileshesleeps#norestformamas#bouldershoulderday#homegym

Jana Michelle (@alottavajana) Instagram Profile Photoalottavajana

Jana Michelle

Jana Michelle (@alottavajana) Instagram Photo

“Don’t fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon and I will eat you whole”#bouldershoulderday#mondaymotivation#fitness#momswholift#momswithmuscles#everydamnday#goaldigger

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