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I'm a little scared to share this journey that I've literally just started.It's obviously personal and I am scared of failing... which is why I think I've started this page, to make me determined to keep going even when I want to give up... But I wonder sometimes if I'll ever be able to make it? when even downward dog hurts, and my head doesn't reach my knees when I bend forward...But after only two weeks of doing daily yoga I'm already seeing improvements so it's very encouraging. I guess everyone feels exposed at times? So I'm going to put it out there.I hope I can be all I can possibly be and find some inner strength and peace. ️

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Myself (@mrtooslow) Instagram Photo

Every step forward counts! #improving#improvement#forward#bettermyself#changeYou can never start a new chapter if your always re-reading the last one. #neverstop#wontfail#relentless#learnandgrow#growup#neversettleforless#knowyourworth

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