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National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Profile Photonatgeo

National Geographic

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Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Northern UgandaReportShareDownload3.32K523.88K

Photo by @noralorekfor @natgeo.  60% of the people fleeing South Sudan are children. As in all of Uganda's refugee settlements the young population in Bidibidi is very high. In the schools there are many classes with more than 250 pupils. Also, families are growing bigger each time a child loses its parents and needs to be taken care of by others. Leaving their home during shootings and without bringing anything their self made toys are all they have..Phone by Julius Caesar, 8Helicopter by Maita Alafi, 6Radio by Ronald Juma, 9Laptop by Steven Joel, 5.For more pictures and stories from Uganda/ South Sudan follow @noralorek

Fabiana Okagawa (@fa_okagawa) Instagram Profile Photofa_okagawa

Fabiana Okagawa

So sad reality! Poor children 😔

So sad the situation.

blackDog (@blackiding) Instagram Profile Photoblackiding


ⓢⓞ ⓡⓔⓐⓛⓛⓨ ⓢⓐⓓ

Asmaa Ouarad (@asmaaouarad) Instagram Profile Photoasmaaouarad

Asmaa Ouarad

Really saad 😥😥😥

Brandon West (@realbao) Instagram Profile Photorealbao

Brandon West


I'm going to show this picture to my children and dare them to complain about the things they have. I have felt bad before because I couldn't provide my children with more but the truth is there are many people in this world with much less and we are spoiled by comparison.

Kelly King (@redghettorebel) Instagram Profile Photoredghettorebel

Kelly King

💔no one ever believes Native Americans exist in 3rd World conditions right here in ameriKKKa.....where is the LOVE for the RedMan/Woman? Today’s world is BLACK & WHITE💔

Taarika Sagar (@taarika.sagar) Instagram Profile Phototaarika.sagar

Taarika Sagar


عــامــر الــســديــري (@am_als93) Instagram Profile Photoam_als93

عــامــر الــســديــري


عــامــر الــســديــري (@am_als93) Instagram Profile Photoam_als93

عــامــر الــســديــري


'🐼 (@fam_37) Instagram Profile Photofam_37



khamenei is my leader (@navid_10_76) Instagram Profile Photonavid_10_76

khamenei is my leader

اخییییییی.دلم سوخت...نا عدالتی تا کجل

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National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Video by @jenniferhayesigA vulnerablesea turtle hatchling makes its way to the Gulf Stream in desperate search of weed cover to hide in. When sea turtles hatch they crawl across sand through a gauntlet of birds and mammals before they enter the water greeted by an ocean full of hungry predators. A very few luckysea turtle hatchlings will survive long enough to find their way to floating rafts of algae called sargassum weed to hide in until they are big enough to fend for themselves. The sargassum canopies are critical to survival of these endangered sea turtles. // On assignment for @natgeostory about the importance of Sargassum weed as critical habitat in the sea. // with @thephotosociety@natgeocreative@daviddoubilet// #ocean#baby#turtle#seaturtle#gulfstream#vulnerable#endangeredspeciesfor #moreoceanfollow @jenniferhayesig

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo
Lahore, PakistanReportShareDownload26374.24K

Photo my @paleyphoto(Matthieu Paley). Lahore in Pakistan is full of youthful energy. I shot a story for @natgeoearlier this year, a few days mostly spent with art students. Here in the old Walled City, a model prepares for a fashion shoot. Developed by her photo student classmate, the art project aimed to play with the stereotypes often associated with women who cover themselves. To see another image from this fashion shoot (and link to the online story), check out @paleyphoto#lahore#pakistaniyouth

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Video by @hammond_robinfor @witness_change“When we came here, I could not even approach him, because he would have hit me. But now with the help of men of God who prayed for him here, I see that he is better” said Sankpel Bédagou (left) of her son Lare (right). They agreed to tell their story for my new campaign on mental health #inmyworld . Lare is usually chained to a tree inside the grounds of a church in the region of Bokiccenag in northern Togo where I met them. I saw 15 other adults living with mental health problems chained to trees or posts around the church while they waited to be cured through prayer. Some had been there, chained, for more than a year. Lare, like the others, was brought to the church to be healed. People come to the Church to pray for the resolution of problems ranging from financial difficulties to severe illnesses. In many parts of the world mental health problems are perceived to be spiritual in nature, so spiritual remedies are sought. In many cases chains are used to immobilise while the healing is taking place. All over the world the freedom of movement is a human right often denied to people with mental health issues. #inmyworldis my new campaign designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with mental health issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. This first phase of the campaign was created in collaboration with @handicap_internationalas part of Witness Change's work on global mental health. @witness_changeis a nonprofit that aims to end human rights violations for marginalized communities through visual storytelling. To see more please follow @onedayinmyworld

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto- Monks give thanks at a prayer retreat in Thailand. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!#thankful#givethanks#thanksgiving#holiday#monks#buddhistmonks#buddhism@natgeocreative

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Photo by @franslantingThis is Mike, a young male chimp we got to know in the Fongoli region of southeast Senegal. We worked with him and his family for six weeks, following them on foot through their forest. There are less than 200 chimps left in Senegal and their future hangs in the balance, just like it does for all chimps in Africa. Habitat loss and the bushmeat trade are the major threats to their survival. As we gather together with our own families during this holiday season, let’s not forget our extended family on the great tree of life. We can all help chimps survive by supporting the individuals and the organizations that protect them and the forests they depend on. Check the links below for the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, and @natgeoExplorer Jill Pruetz’s Neighbor Ape project in Senegal, which we support through online. Follow me @franslantingfor more images and stories from our family tree. @janegoodallinst@world_wildlife@conservationorg#chimps#africa#senegal#wildlife#endangered#racingextinction#conservation

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Photo by @chamiltonjames/ Charlie Hamilton James - Kauai with his pet monkey. Like many indigenous people in the Amazon, the Awa keep pet wild animals and seem particularly fond of monkeys. The monkeys are usually acquired when the parent monkey is shot for food and the baby is kept as a pet. The monkeys are much loved and often spend much of their day sleeping on people's heads especially when they are young like this one. The women in the group tend to be more monkey oriented and their monkeys go everywhere with them. Check out our Instagram today for more on the wonderful Awa. Shot on assignment for @natgeo

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo
Kigali, RwandaReportShareDownload801224.16K

Photo by @johnstanmeyer~ Fitting in quite well to my new surroundings here in Rwanda while on assignment for the magazine. No, this is not a double exposure. It is a self portrait, my reflection off the hotel room balcony glass door in Kigali where the ground floor garden is filled with beautiful plants and trees. Photography is about light and the chance noticing of layers before all of us. To see my latest Instagram Story from Rwanda and other photographs from National Geographic assignments, follow me here @johnstanmeyer.Thank you, John-@natgeo@natgeocreative@thephotosociety#selfie#rwanda#kigali#trees#plants#greenness#reflection#onassignment#selfportrait

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Image by @joelsartore| This gray mouse lemur at the @dukelemurcenteris named ‘Buckwheat’, and he's tiny, weighing the same as 32 pennies. He went from having a broken foot during in his first week of life to becoming a supermodel.These tiny primates can develop symptoms of neurological disorders similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. Because lemurs are so genetically close to us, studying them can prove very promising for neurological aging research. Recently, non-invasive research on these little creatures has led to a new Alzheimer’s hypothesis that could help identify humans at risk before they develop symptoms and possibly delay onset and progression of the disease.To see another image of this adorable lemur, check out @joelsartore...#graymouselemur#lemur#primates#cute#notapet#cutenessoverload#nature#conservation#biodiversity#animalfacts#wildlife#wildlifephotography#natgeo#savetogether#photoark

Photo @ladzinski/ A Patagonian #caracarapreparing to take flight, these birds aregenerally scavengers but also known to be voracious hunters. Highly intelligent, they are known to hunt in packs, even preying on sleeping sheep, attacking in a flocks! Swipe right to see this beautiful bird in flight. To see more wildlife from #patagoniaplease visit @ladzinski

National Geographic (@natgeo) Instagram Photo

Photo by @daviddoubiletHidden Doom. A small fish unknowingly drifts over a stargazer buried in the soft sediment bottom in Anilao Philippines. Stargazers are ambush predators that bury themselves in the sand and wait for unsuspecting prey to pass overhead. This image was taken at night with underwater lights that exposed the prey so I moved on not wanting to accidentally cause predation. // Photographed on@natgeoassignment Philippines // @natgeocreative@thephotosociety#ocean#philippines#predation#stargazer#fishface#coraltrianglefor #moreoceanfollow @daviddoubilet

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