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Siara Cruz (@esco.rn83) Instagram Profile Photoesco.rn83

Siara Cruz

Damn I love the perks that come with being a female! Salsa dancing, shots, and making new friendsWhat more can a gal ask for?#sohappy#smiling#travelingnurse#tempe#daveandbusters#thevine#salsadancing#bachata#sweat#latina#content

Dyana 🌺 (@hello.dyana) Instagram Profile Photohello.dyana

Dyana 🌺

Dyana 🌺 (@hello.dyana) Instagram Photo

...thankful for my fluffy puppy.

Cara Lynn (@carolynjeanne) Instagram Profile Photocarolynjeanne

Cara Lynn

Cara Lynn (@carolynjeanne) Instagram Photo

You're all I talk about.

Jessica Mochaa Cullen💋 (@jessicamochaa) Instagram Profile Photojessicamochaa

Jessica Mochaa Cullen💋

@lalaklim Instagram Photo

three turkeys walk into a bar thanksgiving eve...🦃🦃🦃#thanksgiving#niece#family#az#bar#drinks#cocktails#middlepartonpoint

Tong Nian Lu (@tongnianlu) Instagram Profile Phototongnianlu

Tong Nian Lu

nat hendrix (@nathendrix) Instagram Profile Photonathendrix

nat hendrix

HAPPYYYYYYY DAY OF BIRTH to my bestest friend ever, JORDY!! ️ Jordyn is the best kind of person in the world! If we don't see each other for like 2 days it feels like a year! I am so thankful you are in my life!! You can ALWAYS make me laugh no matter what, even if I'm sad!! I love how goofy you are!! You are such a beautiful and genuine person and I'm so happy to call ya my best friend!! I hope you had the most special birthday ever!! Love you to pieces!! 1 more year til 21 baaaaby!

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